Founder:Patrick Smith

About Patrick:

Patrick began his flying career in the United States Marine Corps while flying in CH53 helicopters in the 1990s.  He left the Corps with the determination to succeed and a passion for flying that could not be satiated.  In the ensuing 15 years, his financial success in the business realm has allowed him to earn his private pilot’s license, own and fly private passenger aircraft, and engage in more than a decade long obsession with RC helicopters. 

After hooking up a camera to one of his many RC planes on a whim, Patrick fell in love with aerial photography and video.  He has been diligently working in the field of aerial media ever since. Taking the determination of a US Marine; channeling it into the building, fixing and refining of aerial media platforms. In a way to optimize flight control and picture/video quality.  He has personally innovated completely novel helicopter and camera gimble designs that allow Aerial Media Pros to do things that other companies simply cannot come close to. 

Patrick’s uniquely stabilized camera gimble gives us an advantage in video smoothness and shot complexity that has yet to be matched in the commercial market. Combined with his unparalleled flying abilities, allows us to get the shots and fly in locations that other pilots wouldn’t dream of.