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DJI S1000 Octocopter Premium


DJI S1000 Octocopter Premium

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The new DJI S-1000 Octo Copter is specifically designed for heavy lift operations. When combined with the new Zenmuse Z15 for the Canon 5D mark II or mark III you have the ultimate in an aerial photography platform.

A unique folding design increases portability and allows for a quick set up and pre-flight on the job site.

Watch for news on a new Zenmuse for Epic Red as well as Black Magic also designed around this airframe.



Part of Specs:
Spreading Wings S1000
Flight Time: 15min with Z15-5D Gimbal, 15000mah Battery (1.8kg);
Flight Time: 19min with Z15-5D Gimbal, 20000mah Battery (2.4kg); 
Retractable Landing Gear
Optimized Installation Space for DJI A2 Multi-rotor Autopilot System;

Take-off Weight: 10kg;
Carbon-pipe Frame Arms, Foldable;
Aircraft Weight:4.3kg;
Diagonal Wheelbase: 1100mm;
4114 Motor;
15in Foldable Propellers;
XT90 Plug for Battery Connection;


S1000 FAQ

What kind of camera can I use with the S1000?

Canon 5D Mark 3, Panasonic GH3, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera,Sony NEX 7/NEX 5, GoPro 3

Can the S1000 fly a Red Epic?

Maybe. We are currently testing it.

Do you have a case for the S1000?

Yes. The case is made by Pelican with a custom foam insert. ~1000

Does it fly differently from the S800 Evo?

It flies very similarly.

How long is the flight time?

Up to 19 Minutes with the 5D Mark 3 using 20,000 mAh

Up to 15 Minutes with the 5D Mark 3 using 16,000 mAh

How long is the charge time?

Fast charge: 20 minutes | Slow Charge: 50 minutes

Can you set it up for a Single operator? Pros and cons?

Yes however single operator setups are not recommended because the operator now needs to concentrate on flying the copter and controlling pan and tilt. The pilot can get easily overwhelmed.

How big are the props?

15 inches

Can I use after-market props?

Yes however DJI recommends the 1552 style propellers. Other props may not let it fold down as easily.

What kind of range can I expect out of this?

Depending on the location ¾ of a mile to 2 miles.

What kind of video range can I expect out of this?

Depending on the location ¼ of a mile to 1 mile

What gains should I use?

There is no correct gains setting. Gains will always depend on the pilots flying style. The more aggressive, the higher the gains.

When should I land?


Can I fly indoors?

Yes, although not recommended by Aerial Media Pros. (No GPS/No Failsafe.

What do I need to add a pilot fpv camera?

FPV Camera, Video Transmitter, Video Receiver, Video Monitor

How many batteries do I need?

On professional shows, 3-4 sets.

Is there a way I can fly without a zenmuse?

Yes, although the copter will need to be balanced.

Can I put an h3-2d on the S1000 and have tilt control?

Yes although an s1000 is overkill for a GoPro 3

Does the camera need to be on the gimbal for it to work?

Yes, the only exceptions are the NEX 5/7 gimbals.

How fast can the S1000 go?

30-45 mph

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DJI S1000 Octocopter Premium

DJI S1000 Octocopter Premium


DJI S1000 Octocopter Premium

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