Aerial Cinematography and Filming

Capture EPIC Aerial Shots with our Remote Controlled Helicopter and RED Camera

With over 30 Years of combined Aerial Filming Experience, Aerial media Pros has captured Epic Shots that others thought couldn't be done. We are able to Pilot our aircraft in ways most people wouldn't dream of. As the Producer or DP, you dream up the shot, and then let us work our magic to get it. Using our RC Helicopter, and Multirotor Aerial Filming Platforms, we have the ultimate freedom to capture the EPIC shots . Whether it be Aerial Filming, Aerial Cinematography, Photography, or aerial video. We can go from the up close and personal shots, to the high overview of city landscapes, all in one smooth movement. Whether it be indoors, or up in the mountains, we can fly anywhere.

Go way Beyond the Boom, Jib, and Crane

The added Production Value of Aerial's is compounding. Imagine Others watching your Movie Trailer, Music Video, or TV Commercial. All while they are thinking "How did they get that shot!?!". People will think you spent $50k on a full size helicopter rental. But they will not be able to figure out how the shot came from far above, and then down to Following behind an actor running through a shipyard. Take your production to a whole other level with our Aerial Filming Service.

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Red EpicAerial Rental

Looking to rent an Aerial helicopter for the day? Looking for the absolute best Aerial Filming Service? Do you want to film in 5K with a RED EPIC or RED scarlet? Then you have found the right company. Not only do we provide the Aerial filming and cinematography service, but we also Have RED EPIC and RED SCARLET Rentals available. When booking us for daily shoots, we INCLUDE the RED camera for FREE. No other company can come close to this offer. Others may say they fly the RED, but we are actually doing it with our own gear :)

We are the ONLY company that flies our own RED Camera, and the ONLY ones to include a RED Camera rental for free. If needed, We also film with Canon 5D, C300, 7D, FS100, FS300, Black Magic. No production is too big or too small.

Although we are based out of Los Angeles, Orange County, and shoot everywhere From San Diego to San Francisco. We also travel worldwide very frequently. We have all of our equipment ready to go, so do not hesitate to call us for international travel.