Aerial Cinematographyfor Cinema, Indy Films, Music Videos, and Commercials

The easiest way to instantly increase the production value of any filming project is with aerial videography, and through Aerial shots. We utilize a one of a kind, Remote controlled Helicopter with camera stabilization system. Our copter's can easily handle the weight of Red Epic and Red Scarlet. Due to our copters being specially designed to fly heavy payloads, it is extremely easy for us to fly other cameras. We currently fly the C300, FS100, FS300, Black Magic, Canon 5D, Canon 7D, C100, and C500 cameras. Flyovers, elevator shots, chase scenes, establishing shots and more can all be captured in full 1080p or full 5K EPIC footage. Any filmmaker or video producer with an eye for aesthetics knows what helicopter shots add to the look of a film .

No other system can come close to producing the results that you will get through a remote controlled Aerial filming, Aerial video, or Aerial photography service. We take Aerial cinematography to the highest level possible.


Real estate has always been one of the common consumers of commercial aerial photography. The reason Realtors utilize aerial photography is simple: it works. Homes that are advertised using aerial photographs sell faster not only because of the ‘wow factor’, but also because it shows a level of commitment, confidence and pride in the home being sold. It lets the client see the expanse of the property they are considering purchasing (which is much more impressive from the air) and also gives them solace in seeing the quality of the property from every angle. Those Realtors who try aerial photography usually come back to it repeatedly for their marketing needs throughout their career.

However, problems often abound when dealing with a residential setting: loud gas motors on traditional aerial photography platforms tend to anger neighbors, unacceptable shot quality due to limited technology sometimes lead to poor final products and lengthy set- up procedures waste the time and resources of busy Realtors. Since AMP flies quiet all- electric platforms, we do not bother the neighbors. Since we don’t have to mix gas or tune carbs, we are ready to fly almost immediately upon arrival. And since we shoot with high quality cameras using pinpoint GPS navigation and multi-rotor stabilization, you will get beautiful shots every time.

360 Panoramas

360 Panoramas provide a unique and streamlined way of capturing large images and areas.

Aerial FilmingServices Rates, What’s Included

Daily Rates include RED Camera :)

When booking us for a full day rate film shoot, We will include the RED Rental for Free. We provide the full RED package with SSD card, Monitor, Power etc etc.

We also include a full Wireless video downlink sytem from the camera to the ground. We will have a base station that includes monitor for Live camera feed viewing. This way the DP/Producer can see what the copter is filming. This is a great tool, so the DP can instruct how he would like to see the shot take place, and see what is happening.

We are owner operators. Unlike most of the companies out there that do not even have their own equipment. We are the ones that will be coming out to film.

Daily rates include the following:
-Helicopter rental that is capable to fly the Red
-Helicopter Pilot
-Camera gimbal Operator
-RED Camera with Lens
-All support Items for Helicopter and RED camera
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